Curvilicioushelsinki is a blog, which celebrates womanhood! I think that womanhood is an asset and a possibility, that every woman or person who identifies herself/himself as a woman should celebrate. You’re welcome to read all the topics. My blog is politically free area, where individuals are respected the way they are. You will find beauty and fashion posts but also posts from my every-day-life and topics that discuss matters related to being a woman.

All the posts are based on my own thoughts, opinions and/or experiences. I will speak my mind and I am a straight shooter. That’s why I hope that all the readers will participate in the conversation. All your opinions are welcome!

If my blog could raise even one person’s self-esteem, make her love herself more or be more proudly herself, I’ve reached my goal.

I will dedicate this blog to all the Wonderful, Brave, Beautiful and Independent Women, who read my blog!

You are warmly welcome to join me on my journey!


curvilicioushelsinki is Satu's passionate project. I share my life with partner Markku, who is my the biggest support. I drink too much coffee and I never say no to wine. I love to keep up with the Kardashians and watch documents about human rights. I would love to travel more than I do.  

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