Can we Talk? Here’s some real talk about being employee…


Last year was very very long, workful and its own way very stressful. The whole year was all about studying, working and greyish performing. For those how don’t know, I will get my studies done this spring and I will graduate to Bachelor of Social Services.   

I have been lucky because I could have concentrated on my studies because of social benefits and amazing Hubby. That’s why I haven’t been working for over two years. When I start working again at my old job as a salesperson, I noticed a change in the sectors work environment. It seems that management and employees have lost their trust in each other. The only subject at work is sales targets and how to reach those targets. That's why employers have to threaten, bribe and blackmail their employees to reach these targets. Sometimes the employee has to remind their managers for example that racism isn’t ok or employees have right to have sick days.  

For example, work as sales can be considered as an easy job, where you just give the customer what he or she needs and then collect the money. I don’t feel this way. Okay, you can learn the job easily by working and encountering customers. But there are other elements that strain like employees’ inequality, unequal information, endless cuts on staff, unqualified management and sales goals, which are out of reach or out of this planet.As an employee, you should always be adjustable. When you have a day off, you may have WhatsApp messages from work. At best working should be pleasant, rewarding, where you can challenge yourself.   

Some may say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But then, do you have to stand this kind of behavior at work from your management. This might be the reason for workplaces revolving door. In the other hand employer counts on new employees: when an old employee lefts new one will arrive. Why should employee commit to the firm, if the firm is not committed to employees? Last year thought to me that employment and positions aren’t forever. You should remember, that employer can see you as replaceable.Do your work well, stay in people’s minds and connect with people. The idea of the permanent position belongs to the past. You cannot assure that you have position tomorrow. Stay on guard or at least couple of steps ahead from your employer.        

I don't want to scare you, but I feel this is today's atmosphere in works! There’s also something great in this uncertain time of ours. Every day new ideas, opportunities, and chances to develop your know-how is born. We all have an opportunity to join courses, create new chances and increase our connections. Maybe we should learn to be indispensable in our own terms, where employers are ready to invest. Maybe we should learn how to describe what we bring to the table. This may be a real challenge to the Finnish.  How to sell yourself and your know-how. Maybe it depends on the individual, will he or she star to play this game of work life. Are we ready to face this games opportunities and challenges?