Once upon a time...

Photo by Laura Siibe

Photo by Laura Siibe

I have dreamed of my own forum as long as I can remember. I think the dream was born, when I started watching tv series Sex and the City. Carrie made a huge impact on me and her writings and thoughts felt very thoughtful and deep. It made me want to be able to live in The Big Apple. Almost twenty year later I decided to make my dream come true. I can’t compare my life to Carrie’s, but I think that Carrie and I share common interests in women’s life.

I made a career as a hairstylist and a makeup artist. I lived and breathed fashion and beauty world almost ten ears. In that time, I have worked as makeup artist, makeup consultant, entrepreneur and sales person in different clothing stores and boutiques. Sadly, I became allergic to chemicals, that are used in hair salons. So, I had to start to consider my next move. My allergy also made me take a step away from the beauty and fashion world.  I have always been good with people, so I ended up studying to become Bachelor of Social Services.

After two years of studying, I noticed that my passion for my old carrier arose. I also noticed that my youth´s insecurity was fading away, because my dirty thirty was coming. I felt myself a gorgeous, beautiful and sexy woman for the first time.  I found my own style how to dress and look, but also for the first time in my life I fell in love with my body and curves.

I started to think of a way to combine my new and old knowledge and came up with something fantastic. I felt that the change in my own thinking and approval of myself the way I am, was something that everybody should experience. After one year of consideration and planning my idea of blog that would discuss beauty, fashion and woman hood with passion and enthusiastically was born.

You might wonder, how I came up whit the name for my blog. Curvilicious means body, where the gorgeous curves are in the right places. I think that the word itself is complimenting and praising, and it isn’t used as an insult. And I feel that there isn’t that kind of word in Finnish. Helsinki is Finland’s capital and so dear to me in many ways. I have experienced so much in Helsinki, so I feel that I’m in home when I come to Helsinki.

All in all, the blog is praise to curves and Helsinki. I hope that the blog could be the place for the readers, where they can be how they are like in their home.

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